About Pippa & Boo

Pippa is a sweet, rumbuctious little tyke who loves bouncing on the sofa, swinging from the lamp and having fun-filled everyday adventures with her friends Boo and Snuggly!


Pippa & Boo feature in a whole series of books, games and toys created especially to boost children’s language development. Reading and playing with Pippa & Boo is a fun way to help children acquire their first words and use short sentences.


As an example, the Pippa & Boo books are full of onomatopoeia, words like BANG and BOINK, which are easy for children to learn and use.  Also, the stories are built on a lot of repetition which enables the grown-up to work as a model for the child’s speech production. When you play with the dolls and play the games the child gets even  more opportunities to imitate words, sounds, signs and short sentences. Read more about how Pippa & Boo can be used to boost language development in the Tutorial section


The Pippa & Boo books also feature easy-to-understand line drawings of hand signs, for anybody who wants to try baby signing.  The books are available in both an American edition, with ASL (American Sign Language) signs and a British edition with BSL (British Sign Language) signs.  You can find out more about the language development benefits of signing with toddlers in the Guidelines for Adults at the back of each book.


The Pippa & Boo books are written by respected speech-language pathologist and children’s book author Elvira Ashby, and designed and illustrated by renowned artist Karin Holmström.