About the App

At last! Pippa&BooPlay is finally available on the App Store and on Google Play!


The app lets children go into Pippa and Boo’s home and play with them.  Help Pippa have a bath!  Put Boo on a skateboard!  Help fix both of them a drink and a bite to eat!  No! They aren’t jumping on the sofa are they?



With Pipp&BooPlay your child can enjoy helping Pippa and Boo play in lots of different rooms in their home.


Turn on ”instructions” and ”naming”  in settings and the app will name the items the child points to,  the child will also be given simple instructions to follow – in this way we help build vocabulary and language comprehension.


Of course you can always turn off ”instructions” and ”naming” and just play freely in the app instead. If a grown-up is present and talks about what’s happening in the game, and gives instructions at the right level for the child, the child’s language can grow even more!


The app costs just 1.99 USD and is best suited for iPads or tablets, but small fingers might be able to play on smartphones too.


Find Pippa&BooPlay on the AppStore and Google Play.